Sport: A way to a healthy life

Sport Participation is a great way to built healthy habits for a long time. It is a best way to built relationship and social skill. Learning extracurricular skills and enjoying good health can make children feel confident about them and built their self –esteem. Sports offer a better option to bunk classes and hang in street corners or gardens.

The objectives of sports is time management skills . The best of all is that it teaches healthy competition, right approach, attitude and interaction with fellow players and coach.

Passion for success is the best learned in the sports arena. Respect for the best amongst other players, and winning or losing is a part of life is one of the life skill learned in sport.

This objective to be human imbibed with greater values of life that to with greater fun happens only in sport.The Sports Committee organizes various events through out the year like annual sports competitions – University and National Level.

All the sports facilities are available under one roof  :-

  1. National level Indoor stadium
  2. Well equipped Gymnasium.
  3. A Good Playground
  4. Basket Ball Ground
  5. Volleyball Ground
  6. Swimming Tank of International Stranded
  7. Cricket Ground
  8. Korfball Ground
  9. A Large Indoor Stadium.

Organization of Inter University and State /National Level Games and sports. The sports department has number of University color holder students to its credits.