Perspective Plan

The institution has a perspective Strategic Plan and deployment document available taking into consideration the set Objectives and Broad Based Goals aligned with the Vision and Mission statement of the institution:

Five year plans are made by College Development Committee of the College.

Five Year Strategic Plan for 2017-22.

  1. IQAC set Individual targets for Staff  and it includes the following aspects:
  2. Academic & Teaching-Learning Planning
  3. Infrastructure Resource Planning
  4. Faculty and Staff Resource Planning
  5. Learning Resource Planning
  6. Industry Interaction and Placement Planning
  7. Research Planning
  8. Student Development Activities Planning
  9. Events & Annual Calendars Planning
  10. Examination Planning
  11. Financial Planning

The Faculty wise Annual Plan and Targets are examined and finalized by IQAC. The proposed Annual Planning comprising of all the above mentioned aspects are placed before the College Development Committee for the approval. After the approval, the recommendations are circulated to all concerned for its implementation, compliance and review. As part of the 5 years plan made in 2017 it was decided that College should take all possible steps to establish facilities for skill development and research. It has been proposed that Research Centre should be started in the departments like – Commerce, History, Marathi, Physical Education and English. The Research Advisory Committee has been set up with a view to promote research activities in the college. Some of these departments will have two co opted coordinators who will look after all the function of RAC in additions to their departmental work. It has been decided that all faculties must complete their research projects leading to Ph.D. within 3 years from today. Non-grant professional courses must be started keeping in view the demand of the corporate sector. The students should be provided training to become job-ready professionals. By the end of the year 2022, hundred percent placements should be aimed at.

At the level of teaching and learning all the faculties should be trained to use e-resources like Google Classroom, DELNET, SWAYAM, etc. The College must enter into collaboration with corporate and multinational companies for research, training and placement. So far as the infrastructure in the college campus is concerned. The College Campus should be made fully Wi-Fi. Construction of swimming tank should be completed to for the students and faculties and other staff members. The Physical Education Department should strive to send the team to participate at the national level events.

The college faculties must strive to spread literacy in the nearby locality. They should adopt three families each and provide full support to the families in terms of literacy and culture. The college has successfully implemented its proposal for adoption of five families by one faculty for providing them training in education and culture. Moreover, the college has successfully subscribed to DELNET and faculties have been trained in exploring the resources through it. The subscription to DELNET has led to substantial growth in research activity in the college.