1. Serve the educational needs of the downtrodden students of the society and enable them to join the world educational standard
  2. To emerge as a one-stop destination for all RURAL, Buddhist Community & TRIBAL students of Amravati District so as to fulfill their dreams in field of their choice and transform them into thorough professionals and a good human being.
  3. conduct community education programs that encourage learning at every stage of life;;
  4. administer customized training programs for business and industry and extend career development support for students, faculty, and staff through career exploration,
  5. counseling, job preparation, job opportunities, and academic and classified staff development;


  1. To conduct programmes and activities that will instill sense of social commitment among the students and help them to become responsible citizens of the nation.
  2. Advancing new approaches to education, including academic centers of excellence
  3. To initiate for industry/organization linkages/collaborations with the view to continuously train and groom the students and college staff members