Department of Commerce 

Department of Commerce Commerce department was established in year 1972. It is working for promotion of Commerce education. The department of Commerce has an excellent record of placement. It offers programmes leading to B.Com and M. Com. M.Com programme was started in year 2014-2015.The department constantly organizes conferences, seminars, guest lectures, job fair, etc. Shri. A.G. Nage headed the department followed by Shri.A.S. Bardkar both of them got superannuation. Now the department of Commerce  has following members:-a. D. V.  Kandalkarb. S.K.Tantrapalec. Dr. R.M. Deshmukh

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01D. V. Kandalkar (M.Com, MPhil )Head of Department and Associate ProfessorView Profile
02S.K.Tantarpale (M.Com,MPhil )Associate ProfessorView Profile
03Dr. R.M. Deshmukh (M.Com, MPhil, Ph.D.)Assistant ProfessorView Profile

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01Dr. S.R. Lohakare (M.Com, MPhil, Ph.D.,NET)Visiting FacultyView Profile
02S. V. Mankar (M.Com,SET,NET)Visiting FacultyView Profile
03Ku. Vanita P. Pokale (M.Com, MPhil)Visiting FacultyView Profile
04Ku. C. D. Dongardive (M.Com)Visiting FacultyView Profile


The department of Commerce  has one Research guide.

  1. Dr. R. M. Deshmukh
SNName of Principal InvestigatorYearTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyAmount Sanctioned (In Rs.)Major/ Minor/Any Other
01Dr. R.M. Deshmukh2010 To 2013Attitude ofTeachers&StudentsTowardsCommerce Education(With WesternVidbraha)WRO- UGC PUNE80,000Minor Research Project
02S.K. Tantrapale2012 To .2013Amravat Zilyatil Aarthik Drushtya Durbal Ghatkatil Mahilanchya Sarvangin Vikasat Bachat Gatache Yogdan (Kalavadhi 2005-2010)WRO- UGC PUNE62,500Minor Research Project