Department of Social Science

The Department of Social Sciences consists of History, Political Science, Sociology and Economics departments. The department of Social Sciences was founded in the year 1972. At present the department of Social Sciences is headed by P.L.Ambhore. Other distinguished scholars who have rendered their services in the department are as follow:


  1. Shri S.L. Raikwar
  2. Shri. P.L. Ambhore


  1. Dr. R. J. Bais
  2. Dr. Manorama Dande
  3. Dr. O. S. Bobade

Political Science

  1. Shri.  C.N. Ghudde
  2. Dr. D.S. Dhakade


  1. Shri. S.S.Sejao
  2. Mrs. D.A. Padole

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01P. L. Ambore ( M.A. Sociology,NET)Head of Department and Assistant ProfessorView Profile
02Dr. O. S. Bobade ( M.A. History,Ph.D.,SET)Assistant ProfessorView Profile
03Dr. D. S. Dhakde (M.A. Pol, Sci.,Ph.D.,NET)Assistant ProfessorView Profile
04Sau. D. A. Padole (M.A. Economic, SET )Assistant ProfessorView Profile


The department of History has one Research guide

  1.  Dr. O. S. Bobade
SNName of Principal InvestigatorYearTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyAmount Sanctioned (In Rs.)Major/ Minor/Any Other
01Dr. O. S. Bobade2012 An Investigation into the Historical and Archaeological Heritage of Amravati District of VidharbhaWRO UGC Pune 70,000Minor Research Project